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MOTH undertakes a variety of projects to conserve and protect the homestead. The major projects are listed below.

MOTH completed a plant and tree survey in 1996. The survey was made possible with funds made available by the ACT Heritage Grants Program.

In 2001 MOTH received a grant of $1000 from Australia’s Open Garden Scheme Community Grants. The focus of the planned project was to be the restoration of the landscape along the entrance pathway to the homestead, with the creation of attractive traditional plantings as an understorey to the historic elms. More information.

In 2002, MOTH obtained a grant of $4,840 from the Commonwealth Government’s Natural Heritage Trust, to restore the endangered Yellow Box Red Gum Grassy Woodland on the property. A report on the woodland restoration is available.

The creekline project started in 2009, to regenerate the banks of the old Tuggeranong Creek, remove woody weeds and the encroaching regrowth from the adjacent orchard.

After some major clearing of dead trees and regrowth in the orchard in 2010 a few scattered historic orchard trees and oaks left in situ. A controlled burn off provided MOTH with a clean site to begin understorey planting. A selection of traditional fruit and nut trees including two seedling English oaks were reintroduced.

Information about the water grant project is currently under construction.

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